C1 Advanced Writing

C1 Advanced Writing

C1 Advanced Writing

C1 Advanced Writing. In part 2 of the CAE C1 Advanced Cambridge exam, you have the option of choing between writing a report, a letter or email, a review or a proposal. It can be confusing, knowing what to put and where. Here I have reduced the information into categories to help you remember.


  • In reports, remember to add:
    • a title and sub-headings for each paragraph
    • formal or neutral style as reports tend to be for work
    • a beginning that clearly states the reason for writing the report.
    • Finish off the report with a conclusion or a recommendation that specifically addresses the reson for writing the report.


  • In reports, be sure to include:
    • a title and subheadings for each paragraph
    • a formal or neutral style
    • a clear argument that has reasons and examples backing it up. Remember RED.
    • persuasive language which is key to writing the proposal.
C1 Writing Proposals


  • for letter and emails, be sure to include:
    • the receiver’s name in the correct style (use Mr, Ms, Miss or Mrs + full name for formal letters. Use person’s first name for informal ones.
    • a formal, neutral or informal style depending on who you are writing to.
    • correct openings and closings (Dear, Good Morning, Sincerely, Thanks, etc)


  • For reviews, remember to add:
    • an interesting title
    • formal or neutral style
    • an interesting fact, a question or an antecdote to begin the review in order to capture the reader’s attention
    • your opinion and back it up with clear examples.
    • some factual informal
    • persuasive language if want the reader to do read, listen, shop, etc to what you are writing about.
C1 Writing Reviews


I can’t stress enough how important it is to go back and re-read your writing. The most common errors to check for are:

  • Subject-verb agreement (singular or plural)
  • articles (a, the, some)
  • prepositions 
  • use of correct tenses
  • word order 
  • spelling mistakes
  • over-all flow and organization of your writing.


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