English emails: I'm writing

English Emails: I’m writing

English emails: I’m writing. When writing emails in Spanish, it’s quite common to use Present Simple: I write… However, in English we use Present Continuous to write about something that is happening in the moment. I’m writing this blog post right now, so I use Present Continuous.


Starting emails

Since I am writing an email in the moment, we use Present Continuous. To start the email, say:

  • I’m writing you in reference to the conference that is taking place next month.
  • I’m writing you in response to your questions about the fair.


We can also use the present continuous to talk about an attachment to an email:

  • I’m attaching the documents you requested earlier today.
  • As requested, I’m attaching a copy of the budget.

Talking about yourself

Remember, we use Present Continuous to talk about things we are doing in the moment, so if you are talking about something happening now in your life, use present continuous:

  • I’m working a lot right now since I just started a new job.
  • I’m living in a nice apartment about 15 minutes from the center.

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