English Expression: Bear in mind

English Expression: Bear in Mind

English Expression: Bear in mind. When speaking to adults, you don’t always want to tell them to ‘Remember…’ or ‘Don’t forget…’. So, instead we can use this nice expression to tell someone to take something into consideration.


  • to take something into consideration
  • to remember something when you are making a decision.
    • Please bear in mind that you only have 2 weeks to return the product.
    • Before we buy the refrigerator we need to bear in mind that we may also need to buy a wash machine soon.
    • Bearning in mind that she’s so young, she really knows how to play the violin.


  • this expression is the same as bear in mind.
    • Keep in mind that the plane leaves very late at night.
    • He told me to keep him in mind if we have a job opening.

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