English Expression: Catch someone's eye

English Expression: Catch someone’s eye

English Expression: Catch someone’s eye. This expression has two meanings and eventhough they look similar, there are some important differences.


  • to get someone’s attention.
  • For this definition, ‘catch someone’s eye’ can be replaced with ‘get someone’s attention’.
    • Can you try to catch the waiter’s eye? or Can you try to get the waiter’s attention?
    • He’s been trying to catch her eye all night. or He’s been trying to get her attention all night.
  • something noticeable, usually pleasant.
    • Wow! Her earrings really catch your eye, don’t they?
    • I love the colors you have chosen for the walls. They really catch your eye.
  • If we replace the previous sentences with ‘get your attention’, it sounds as if you do not like them because they are too loud. Getting attention in this way in English is not usually seen as positive.
  • Tone can make a big difference here.


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