English Expressions: ballpark figure

English Expressions: ballpark figure

English Expressions: ballpark figure. So many expressions in English come from sports, and this one comes from one of my favorites – baseball. As you can see, a ballpark in baseball (and in most sports) is vast (very big). So, if I ask someone for a ballpark figure, I am asking for an estimation, not something small, precise and exact.


  • An imprecise estimate of what something might cost or any other number.
  • An inexact number
    • Can you tell me how m any people are coming – just a ballpark figure.
    • There are about 250 people coming, but that’s just a ballpark figure. If you want something more exact, I can tell you tomorrow.


  • This expression has the same meaning as ballpark figure.
  • An inexact number.
    • Can you give me a pallpark estimate of how much this new bathroom is going to cost us?
    • At least 5,000€, but that’s a ballpark estimate. It all depends on how much we are changing and so forth.

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