English: Regret + gerund or infinitive

English: Regret + gerund or infinitive

English: Regret + gerund or infinitive

English: Regret + gerund or infinitive. Again we are reviewing a word whose meaning changes depending on the use of the gerund or infinitve following it. Since regret is a word were we are already sorry about something, we don’t want to use it incorrectly.


  • Use regret + gerund to express that you are sorry about something you have said or done.
    • He really regrets not calling you. (He wishes he had called)
    • My daughter regrets telling her best friend her secret. (She wishes she didn’t tell her)


  • Use regret + infinitive (without to) before giving someone bad news.
    • I regret to tell you that your sister didn’t make it out of surgery. (I’m sorry, but…)
    • We regret to inform you that your payment has not been accepted. (We have bad news…)


Now that you have read through the explanations, try answering the following sentences with the correct form of the verb. Check your answers at the bottom of the post

  1. We really reget ____ (tell) her that she was sick. I think she would have been better off not knowing.
  2. They regret ____ (lie) about the case because now they can be sued, not because they feel sorry.
  3. I regret ____ (inform) you that your payment is overdue.
  4. The letter stated, ‘We regret ____ (tell) you that you have not been accepted.’
  5. I don’t regret ____ (tell) her the truth. She deserved to know.
  6. Why do you regret ____ (move) here?
  7. On behalf of the airline, I regret ____ (inform) you that this flight is overbooked.
  8. She told me that she regrets ____ (be) my friend.
  9. I don’t regret ____ (inform) them about what happened on the trip.
  10. Do you regret ____ (go) on vacation?


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  8. being
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