English Vocabulary: Attrition

English Vocabulary: Attrition

English Vocabulary: Attrition. Yes, there is a word for everything. There are also words with several meaning. Attrition is both of these.


  • Primarily used in the UK to refer to a reduction in the workforce due to not replacing employees who leave.
    • Staff attrition is only going to bring longer working days for those of us who are left.
    • By means of attrition, the workforce will be reduced.


  • Used in the US to refer to people who leave an educational course before they complete it.
    • There are higher attrition rates among teenagers in the US than in Europe.
    • If the rate of attrition continues to increase, they will cancel the course.


  • Gradually weakening something and destroying it, usually an enemy.
    • The continuous attacks are an ongoing war of attrition.

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