English Vocabulary: Backlash

English Vocabulary: Backlash

English Vocabulary: Backlash. Some say that all social issues face backlash at a certain moment. What kinds of rights are facing backlash by you?


  • A reaction that goes against a previously popular idea or person.
  • A reverse movement.
  • a negative reaction to something
    • There has been a backlash against women’s rights in the US.
    • Governments who make very liberal or very conservative laws often face a lot of backlash from opposing sides and from their own side if they think their ideas are too extreme.


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  • Experience, face
    • The government is facing a backlash from Feminist Movements on both sides.
    • She is experiencing a backlash for not having consulted her partners.
  • Cause, create, prompt, provoke, spark
    • The gas company provoked a backlash for increasing their prices.
    • It was quite predictable that his message was going to spark a backlash from his voters.
  • Anticipate, expect, fear, predict
    • They should have anticipated the backlash and had a strategy to deal with it.
    • Even though she feared a backlash, she went ahead with the new regulation.


  • Consumer
    • They promted a consumer backlash by not giving employees paid holidays.
  • Political
    • The Right is experiencing political backlash for having attacked their party’s famous icon.
  • Public
    • There will be strong public backlash to the increased retirement age.
  • Violent, racist, serious
    • Many States are facing a violent backlash from anti-immigrant supporters.
    • After COVID, many member of the Asian community incorrectly received racist backlash.


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