English Vocabulary: Bargain

English Vocabulary: Bargain

English Vocabulary: Bargain. You are familiar with the word negotiate, but bargain can also be used to discuss prices in an office or out on the street.


  • verb
  • to try to convince someone to offer a service or do something for you at a cheaper price.
    • Don’t be afraid to bargain for the price of the clothes.
    • I really don’t feel comfortable bargaining for the price when it is already very cheap.
  • noun
  • something that is sold for less than it’s real value.
    • I got the sofa for a real bargain.
    • We should go shopping this weekend. There are lots of bargains for Christmas.


  • make a deal
  • come to an agreement about what each party will be doing.
    • The union finally struck a bargain with Michelin and the workers will go back to work next week.
    • It is in their favor to strike a bargain before this gets messy.

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