English Vocabulary: Discrepancy

English Vocabulary: Discrepancy

English Vocabulary: Discrepancy. Saying there seem to be some discrepancies is a friendlier, more diplomatic way to tell someone they have made a mistake or that you don’t agree with them.


  • use discrepancy when there are two things that should be the same but are not.
  • This word refers to numbers, figures, data, etc.
    • There is a discrepancy in the figures. You say that the company spent $35,000 on travel, but we only have $28,000 accounted for.
    • We need to review the stock again because you and Jack have some dicrepancies in your paperwork.
  • We can also use it to talk about a difference in ideas
    • We are waiting on a decision from the Board of Directors. There seem to be serious discrepancies between some of the members about how to continue.
    • His policies show apparent discrepancies between what he promised and what he is able to offer.



  • between
  • in


  • account for
  • arise
  • be
  • explain
  • exist
  • find
  • note
  • notice
  • notice
  • observe
  • occur
  • perceive


  • apparent
  • great
  • huge
  • large
  • major
  • marked
  • minor
  • obvious
  • serious
  • slight
  • small
  • some
  • substantial
  • understandable

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