English Vocabulary: foresight

English Vocabulary: foresight

English Vocabulary: foresight. someone who has foresight is not a magician or a fortune teller. It is simply someone who can read a situation, judge what the possible outcomes may be and learns to plan in a way for this situation. Some people may have foresight at work but not with relationships, or vice versa. Other people may be able to see what is going to happen but don’t know how to plan for that situation. Someone with foresight can do both.


  • to have ability to understand a situation and it’s possible outcomes and
  • be able to plan for this situation
    • He had the foresight to leave his job before they went bankrupt.
    • If Carol had the foresight to sell the house before the market crash, she should have had the foresight to save some money as well.

FORESEE (verb)

  • to be able to judge a situation and make plans to deal with it.
    • He didn’t forsee the divorce at all, so he was shocked when his wife told him.
    • They forsaw the war and made plans to leave the country as soon as they could.

(UN)FORESEEABLE (adjective)

  • foreseeable: an event or situation that can be predicted
    • She will be working in the school for the forseeable future.
  • unforseeable: an event or situation that can not be predicted.
    • I lost my job last month, so for the unforseeable future, I will be unemployed.

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