English Vocabulary: Oversight

English Vocabulary: oversight

English Vocabulary: Oversight. This is a funny word as it almost feels like it has two opposite meanings. On one hand, it means to pay special attention to something and yet it can also mean to make a mistake because you haven’t paid enough attention.


  • A mistake due to a failure to see something or pay attention to something
  • Usually referred to as a small mistake. Be careful what you are calling an oversight.
    • I’m sorry. It was an oversight on our part. We will send you the new model today.
    • I would say it was more than just a simple oversight. I needed the model last week.



  • Management of a project
  • Assure that a project is going as it should
    • You will need to speak to my boss about that. I just provide general oversight on the project.
    • If there is no governmental oversight, companies will never reduce their greenhouse gasses.


  • oversight can also be used to decribe the type of committe, board, etc.
    • She sits on the oversight committe for sustainability.


Adjectives with oversight

  • minor, major, lax, strict, effective, ineffective, slight
    • It was due to a minor oversight, but they have corrected the mistake.
  • administrative, technical, federal, financial, logistical, governmental, operational, regulatory,
    • Not having enough chairs for everyone was a logistical oversight on their behalf.

Verbs with oversight

  • to be an oversight
    • I appologise. This was clearly due to an oversight.
  • has oversight of
    • He has oversight of the financial department
  • to avoid, prevent, eliminate
    • I will review the numbers to avoid an oversight.

Prepositions and prepositional phrases

  • due to
  • exempt from
  • subject to
    • Although they are a large and powerful company, they are not exempt from oversight.
  • by/in (accounts, Congress, human resources, sales, the sales department, the state, the police)
    • It was left out due to an oversight by/in accounts.
  • of (the agency, department, industry, operation, project)
    • They claim that there is governmental oversight of the operation.

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