English Vocabulary: Spot-on

English Vocabulary: Spot-on

English Vocabulary: Spot-on. Here is one of those words that really doesn’t have a specific translation in Spanish, although there are lots of words you could use in its place. You could say correcto (although correct exists in English), you could say precisamente (althouth precise exists in English). Basically spot–on is a way to say you are exactly right, emphasizing how impressed I am with how accurate something is.


  • to describe something that is exactly right
  • used to emphasize surprise at how accurate something is
    • You were spot-on about Josh. He really is generous with everyone.
    • Your predictions about the course were spot-on. The teacher is excellent and I am really enjoying it.
    • Unfortunetly, your predictions about the end of the year sales were spot-on. We will have to lay people off next year.

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