English Vocabulary: strive

English Vocabulary: Strive

English Vocabulary: strive. Strive can be a complicated word to use because it doesn’t actually collocate with a wide variety of words. And although some people may translate it as ‘tratar’ or ‘esforzarse’ in Spanish, it doesn’t actually capture the full meaning of the word. In situations like these, it’s good to see examples and the words that it does collocate with in order to apply the word correctly.


  • to try very hard to achieve or accomplish something
  • strive + infinitve
    • She strives to do her best in everything she does.
    • We are always striving to learn new things to apply at our jobs.
  • strive + for + noun
    • If he continues to strive for perfection, he will wear himself out.
    • Their slogan is ‘Strive for excellence’.


Strive + to + infinitive + something

  • strive to____ something
    • achieve
    • be
    • become
    • (not) die
    • do
    • (not) fail
    • improve
    • (not) lose
    • offer
    • provide
    • succeed at

Strive + for + something

  • strive for ____
    • excellence
    • greatness
    • perfection
    • success

adverb + strive

  • ____ strive
    • always
    • constantly
    • continuously

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