English Vocabulary: tenacious

English Vocabulary: tenacious

English Vocabulary: tenacious. There are lots of names for these kinds of people: persistent, tough, annoying. But, when we use the word tenacious, there is a strength behind it. We are talking about someone who won’t stop usually because they believe strongly in something.


  • Adjective
  • Someone who doesn’t stop until they achieve what they want.
    • Amnesty International is a tenacious advocate for human rights.
    • She’s a tenacious little girl and doesn’t accept no for an answer.
  • Something that is strong or not persistent.
    • We need to find a more tenacious metal for this project.
    • Julie really has a tenacious memory


  • noun
  • the quality of being very determned.
    • I admire your tenacity for change.
    • He showed a lot of tenacity, but in the end I’m not sure he is going to win.
  • The quality of persisting
    • The company has outlived the other ones out of sheer tenacity.
    • The tenacity of certain stories allow then to be told by each generation.


  • adverb
  • To achieve something in a tenacious way.
    • Joe is tenaciously battling the lawsuit in court.
    • We tenaciously record every event so that future generations will know what happened.

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