English Vocabulary: Time off

English Vocabulary: Time off

English Vocabulary: Time off. Time off is a way to refer to all types of ‘leaves’ from work without giving too many details. It can refer to medical leave, maternity/paternity leave or simply vacation/holidays.


  • A period of time that you do not have to go to work due to illness, holiday, permission, etc.
    • She’s going to take some time off after the baby is born.
    • They are taking some time off to get some help for their ageing parents.
    • I was wondering if I could take some time off at the end of the month.


  • Time off to do something
    • Tom would like to get some time off to relax.
    • More and more fathers are taking time off to care for their children.
  • Time off for something
    • It’s hard to get time off for vacation in the U.S.
    • I wouldn’t want to use my time off for sick days.
  • Time off from something
    • Mary is requesting some time off from her job.
    • An increasing number of people are receiving time off from work due to stress.
    • take
    • have
    • get
    • give
    • be given
    • receive
    • request

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