English Vocabulary: to be promoted

English Vocabulary: to be promoted

English Vocabulary: to be promoted. Today we celebrate the fact that our local football club, Alaves has been promoted to First Division! ¡Aupa Alaves! Click here to read more about Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Alaves team, but before you do that, let’s take a look at the different meanings of promote. Also, check out the collocations used with promote.


  • to raise someone to a more important position
  • Usually someone is promoted to something
    • John has just been promoted to the head of his department, so we are having a party for him.
    • If the team wins the next game, then they will be promoted to 2nd Division.


  • to encourage people to like and/or buy a product
    • Kristen is promoting a new line of cosmetics, so you should buy from her.
    • If you really want to promote your product well, you should talk to an advertising company.
  • To encourage people to like and support an idea.
    • The world leaders really need to promote the idea of taking care of the planet or else there will never be real change.
    • They promote peace talks between the two countries.


  • adverbs that collocate with promote
    • actively, positively, widely
      • We are actively promoting English classes, so sign up today.
    • aggressively, heavily,
      • I’m not sure I agree with such aggressive promoting, but I see that it is effective.
    • effectively, successfully
      • The company is successfully promoting the product nationally and plans to go international.
  • nouns that collocate with promote
    • access, diversity, equality, human rights, awareness
      • I do all I can to promote diversity and inclusion at work and at home.
    • efficiency, innovation, education,
      • If the government really wants to promote innovation, they need to provide more grant money to start up businesses.
    • business, growth, development
      • The new mayor says she want to promote growth, so she is presenting a new bill.
    • competition, debate, dialogue, trade
      • If we don’t promote dialogue and debate, then we will never grow as a country.

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