False Friends: Sensitive and Sensible

False Friends: Sensitive and Sensible. False Friends can be very confusing as they are words that sound similar in two languages but have different meanings. Here are just two examples.


  • In English, to be sensitive means to understand what people are feeling and treat them in a respectable way.
    • The man she is marrying is very kind and sensitive.
    • The doctor was very sensitive with the news she shared with us about our dad.
  • Sensitive can also mean to be easily upset by something someone does or says.
    • They’re very sensitive about their son.
    • I find it impossible to talk about politics with him as he is so sensitive.


  • Although sensible in English sounds like sensible in Spanish it has a very different meaning.
  • If you are sensible in English it means you are showing good judgement.
    • She is a very sensible and pragmatic boss.
    • Even though she is only 10 years old, Lucia is able to make very sensible decisions.

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