False Friends Terrific and Terrifying

False Friends: Terrific and terrifying

False Friends Terrific and Terrifying

False Friends: Terrific and terrifying. False Friends are always causing confusion. It’s hard to learn tham all at once, so little by little we show you one or two words that are often confusing for Spanish speakers.

Terrific – genial

  • This words may sound like something bad, but I guarantee it’s not.
  • terrific means excellent, great, amazing
    • We had a terrific time laughing and singing last night at dinner.
    • I always have a terrific time when I go out with my old friends. We can talk for hours.

Terrifying – terrorífico

  • to make someone feel feel very afraid and scared
    • The movie was terrifying. She had nightmares for a week.
    • It is terrifying to lose your child at the park when they are young, even for just a minute.

False Friends

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