Quienes somos

De momento somos tres profesores en la Cámara de Álava. Ver donde trabajamos aquí y inscribirte en un curso aquí. Ver quienes somos los profesores abajo.


Clare, with over 30 years of experience at the Alava Chamber of Commerce, is our Guru of all things English. She can make any class fun and interesting and supplies her team with a constant flow of tea and cookies (oops, I mean biscuits). But don’t mess with Clare or she will throw a round of Irish idioms at you that will leave you speechless.

She will give you an honest opinion about what exam you should take and will take the time to meet with each student who needs it. She is a fountain of knowledge and is the reason why the English programme at the Alava Chamber of Commerce maintains such high quality of standards.



Having lived in England over 8 years, he’s the only team member that speaks the ‘Queen’s language’. Some may suggest that his technological skills are superior to that of his colleagues but you’d never hear it from his mouth.

Javi works tirelessly to prepare classes that are well rounded and focused. He stays on top of all new teaching methods and shares them regularly with his teammates. Every team needs a Javi.



This native Chicagoan started teaching English in Mexico in 2003, where she met her future Spanish husband. She’s made a home in Vitoria and prides herself on writing funny but sincere blog posts about her teammates.

Annie’s main goal is to get people to not just learn English, but to enjoy it as well. Using authentic material from newspapers, videos and movies you will learn without realising you’re in a classroom.

Clare y Annie grabando off the cuff
Clare y Annie grabando off the cuff, episode 12