Remember + gerund or infinitive

Remember + gerund or infinitive

Remember + gerund or infinitive

Remember + gerund or infinitive. Remember can be followed by either a geruna or an infinitive, but the meaning changes. It’s important to know the difference


  • Use a gerund after remember to talk about memories or to recall someone or something
    • He remembers wearing a suit but that really all he remembers from that day. (He can recall the memory of wearing the suit).
    • I don’t remember talking to her, but I could be wrong. (Maybe I just forgot that we talked)


  • Use remember + infinitve to express that you have not forgotten to do something
    • I didn’t remember to pay the fee, so we lost the membership. (I forgot to pay the fee).
  • Many times we use remember + infinitive to give a stong suggestion to someone who should not forget to do something.
    • Remember to take an umbrella. It’s going to rain later. (don’t forget your umbrella)


Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of the verb in parentasis. Then check your answers at the bottom of the post

  1. Did you remember _______ John back about the meeting tomorrow? (call)
  2. I don’t remember ever _______ this city before? (visit)
  3. Doesn’t she remember _______ together as kids when they were younger? (play)
  4. I’m really sorry but I didn’t remember _______ the box from the office. (pick up)
  5. Why doesn’t she ever remember _______ her homework on time? (finish)
  6. Julie doesn’t remember _______ him at the fair. (meet)
  7. Remember _______ your driver’s license this year! (renew)
  8. I remember _______ to the store, but I don’t remember _______ the apples (go, buy)
  9. George, did you remember _______ the paper for the office? (order)
  10. I will always remember _______ it in the future after getting in so much trouble. (buy)


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  1. to call
  2. visiting
  3. playing
  4. to pick up
  5. to finish
  6. meeting
  7. to renew
  8. going, buying
  9. to order
  10. to buy