English Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns

English Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns

English Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns

English Grammar: Reflexive pronouns can be tricky. Here we will try to explain simply how and when to use them.

What are the Reflexive Pronouns?

1st person 2nd person 3rd person
singular myself yourself herself/himself/itself
plural ourselves yourselves themselves

When do we use Reflexive Pronouns?

  • Use reflexive pronouns when the subject and the object is the same.
Reflexive pronoun example1
Reflexive pronoun example2

When NOT to use Reflexive Pronouns

  • When the subject and the object is not the same
It’s not our fault. (the subject is IT, the object is FAULT They blame themselves. (the subject is THEY, the object is THEMSELVES)
It’s our fault (the subject is IT, the object is FAULT)He should blame himself. (The subject is HE, the object is HIMSELF
  • Normally we do NOT use Reflexive Pronouns after verbs: wash/shower/shave/dress
After practice she always showers. NOT: After practice she always shower’s herself
Hurry up and get dressed!NOT: Hurry up and get dressed yourself.
  • We do NOT use Reflexive Pronouns after verbs such as feel/relax/concentrate/meet
Try to concentrate on what you are doing. NOT: Try to concentrate yourself on what you are doing.
What time should we meet?NOT: What time should we meet ourselves?


  • Do not mix up each other or one another with Reflexive Pronouns. They have different meanings.
Reflexive Pronouns example 3
Reflexive Pronouns Example 4

Other use for Reflexive Pronouns

  • We can also use Reflexive Pronouns in order to emphasize who did something.
    • He made the chair himself! (I am surprised that he was able to do that)
    • This is the first time we made dinner ourselves! (I am emphasizing that no one else helped us.)


  1. He presented _________ to the everyone at the party.
  2. They bought _________ everything they needed for school.
  3. He looked at _________ in the mirror.
  4. She got dressed __________ for work.
  5. We took care of _________ when we were younger.
  6. The cat finds water __________ outside.
  7. He shaves _________ every morning before going to work.
  8. I am always calling _________ because I can’t find my phone anywhere.
  9. All of you should really help __________ to the food.
  10. You should concentrate __________ on the exam.


Answers: 1. himself, 2. themselves, 3. himself, 4. —-, 5. ourselves, 6. itself, 7. —-, 8. myself, 9. yourselves, 10. —-

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