Pronunciation - linking words

Linking words

This is a great explanation of how we use to join words in English. This was created by #hancockmcdonald and I often use his work to teach pronunciation, specifically linking words. Can you tell what they are really saying and why it is written the way it is?

In English we often link a word that ends in a vowel sound with the following word that starts with a consonant. For example: tooth ache sounds like two theik.

We also link words that end in a vowel with the following work that starts with a vowel. For example: sore eyes sounds like sore rise.

This is why it can be so difficult sometimes to understand people when they are speaking. Linking words can help you improve your listening, so start learning more about them today.

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Vowel sounds

Vowel sounds can be very difficult in English as there are several different sounds. Use this chart to learn the long, short and other vowel sounds. Remember most online dictionaries will have the option of listening to the pronunciation of a word.