Vocab Rehab: Responsible Accountable

Vocabulario en inglés: Responsible Accountable

This week we explore the differences between Responsibility and Accountability in this post, Vocabulario en inglés: Responsible Accountable. This is especially difficult for Spanish speakers, since both words translate to responsabilidad. In the photo above, the sentence you can hide from responsibility but you can’t hide from accountability highlights the differences between these two words. You may be able to be irresponsible but someone will always hold you accountable. Continue reading to learn more.

Responsible and responsibility

  • The person who has to complete a step in a process
  • Someone assigned to work on a particular task.
  • This can be more than one individual
    • I am the one responsible for contacting our international clients.
    • Our team is responsible for all Latin American communication.
  • To have control and authority over someone/something and the duty to take care of it or them
    • She is responsible for the latest project and will also report to the one accountable.
  • Something that is your duty.
    • It’s our responsibility to finish the project on time.
  • Blame for something that has happened.
    • He is personally responsible for causing so much chaos in the office.
    • You need to accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Good judgement
    • Both of my cousins have very responsible positions in the company.
    • Being a parent carries a lot of responsibility.

Accountable and Accountability

  • The one ensuring that the step in the process is completely correctly and liable if anything goes wrong.
  • Only one person is accountable
    • In the end, I am the accountable one if anything goes south.
    • Maria is responsible for reporting everything to Julie. Julie is accountable for everything being completed in the way the CEO outlined.
  • Responsible for what you do and having to give an explanation for it.
    • He will be held accountable for stealing from the company.
    • The government is accountable for the strife felt by the general population.

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