Vocab Rehab Vocabulary Synonyms for scary

Vocabulary: Synonyms for scary

Vocab Rehab Vocabulary Synonyms for scary

Stop using boring words like scary and start using these exciting Vocabulary: synonyms for scary. You can use these words to talk about movies, TV series, a story, etc. Instead of saying ‘That movie was scary’, say ‘That movie was spine-tingling!’ Impress your friends and start speaking like a native.



  • very exciting, thrilling or frightening.
    • Anthony Hopkins gave a spine-tingling performance in Silence of the Lambs.


  • Haunted or related to spooks (ghosts)
    • I can’t go into that spooky house. I’m too frightened about what I may find.


  • Terrifyingly horrible, intensely unpleasant.
    • There was a ghastly crime committed here four years ago.


  • Gravely disturbing
    • The story about how he was kidnapped and held as a hostage was chilling.


  • causing terror, excitement or astonishment (that your hair stand up)
    • The Handmaid’s Tale is a hair-raising TV series that was based off of a book.


  • Causing you to be nervous and upset.
    • Watching the fight and not being able to stop it was quite unnerving.


  • Overwhelmingly frightening
    • Being trapped inside the small room with no windows or way out was petrifying for me.


  • annoyingly unpleasant or alarming.
    • The creepy old man followed us for almost 20 minutes before I called the police.


  • Mysterious and strange
  • I had this eerie feeling that I had seen her before.


  • Causing freight or horror
    • The idea of being caught in a natural disaster is bloodcurdling.

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