Word Formations: loss, loser, lost, lose

Word Formations: loss, loser, lost, lose

Word formations: loss, loser, lost, lose. Why are word formations so important for Language learning? Well, from just one word, you can learn to create 5 more! Think about how your vocabulary base grows just by learning how to build word formations.

LOSS (noun)

Word Formations: loss
  • to have less than you previously had of something
    • Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar business.
  • a disadvantage due to have someone leave or due to something being taken
    • If you want to leave that’s fine. It’s your loss.
  • a death
    • the family is grieving from a recent loss.

LOSER (noun)

  • a person or a team that does not win
    • The loser has to buy the first round of drinks.
  • someone that never succeeds.
  • this is a very negative word to use and not appropriate in most cases.
    • I don’t know why she always dates losers.

LOST (adjective)

  • to now know where you are.
    • Hi, I’m calling to say that I will be a bit late to the interview. I am lost.
  • when no one knows where something is.
    • If you don’t try to talk to them, your money will be forever lost.
  • when you don’t know what to do.
    • If you have advice, I would be happy to here it. I feel pretty lost about what I should be doing.

LOSE (verb)

  • Present simple: lose
  • Past simple: lost
  • Past participle: lost
  • to become unable to find something.
    • Do you know where you lost your earrings? We can go back and look.
  • to have something taken away from you, including people by means of death
    • 50 people lost their jobs last month.
    • We lost our brother to Cancer 5 years ago.
  • to have less of something than you had before
    • She has lost the desire to go to trial.
  • The opposite of win
    • I can’t believe Madrid lost!

LOST (verb) vs LOST (adjective)

lost vs lost

This can get a bit complicated. Note that the past tense of ‘lose’ is ‘lost’ and ‘lost can also be an adjective.

  • Verbs describe the action
    • I lost ·$5.00.
  • Adjectives describe a noun or pronoun.
    • I found the lost money.

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