Cooking in English – Apple Crumble

Round two of Cooking in English! This time we have the traditional Irish dessert Apple Crumble made by none other than Clare herself. It’s a typical dessert in Ireland mainly due to the locally sourced basic ingredients, such as flour, butter, sugar and apples. It’s usually an autumn or winter dessert as it’s best served warm. Clare and her siblings sometimes came home and what started as a merienda turned into a full Apple Crumble meal.

Check below for some vocabulary and the recipe is at he end of the video.

Cooking in English – Apple Crumble


Without further ado – sin más preámbulos
stew – guisar
release – liberar
cloves – clavos
put in there – añadir
oats – copas de avena
certainly not – de ninguna manera
transform – transformar
resembles – parecerse
bread cumbs – pan rallado
golden – dorada
the proof is in the pudding – lo sabrás si es bueno a probarlo

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